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Workplace Culture Curator & Happiness Coach

About Me

I have been working with multinational companies leading their transformation of the workforce. I’ve been focusing my efforts to scale the remote work concept to larger communities through events and keynotes. I have been working with SMB’s and multinational companies leading their growth activities. I’m an active player in the startup community and give end-to-end consultancy to local and international startups on lean startup methodology, growth hacking, business development, and community management. I’m Future of Work Enthusiast and Agile Talent Recruiter.


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Resumes are never enough to reveal who you really are. This is only a preview of me. Let’s meet to get to know each other more…



The services provided here are delivered tailor-made to your organization’s needs.

Event Moderation

I can moderate talks and panels in English and Turkish.

Remote Work Consultancy

I future proof companies that want to adopt remote / hybrid work culture.


I give keynotes about the new work revolution, digital transformation and finding purpose in work.

Happiness Coaching

As a certified Happiness Coach, I give 1-1 and group sessions to lead your way to happiness

Startup Mentoring

I’m a certified World Business Angels mentor.

“Looking for this one person who can connect you with the key stakeholders in the Turkish startup scene? You’ve found her! Mine is amazing when it comes to building and nurturing a network and she is eager to share it. We worked together during her time as a Startup Mobilizer at Elance for more than two years. She continuously impressed me with her great passion and ability to juggle multiple projects at once while ensuring that each of them was on track. I highly recommend Mine to any future employer and hope to work with her again in the future.”

Katrin Hipler

– Senior Manager, Freelancer & Agency Success at Upwork

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